A man playing his trumpet at the edge of alake surrounded by mountains.
A man playing his trumpet at the edge of a lake surrounded by mountains.

Power Of Global Trade

The world’s universal language

Delivered to music lovers all over the world

Thomann global trade story

From a corner of Bavaria to the edges of the globe

E-⁠commerce giant Thomann counts on us to share their love of music to those that have the same passion. Every day we deliver 20,000 of their musical instruments to enthusiasts in more than 140 countries, helping to spread the world’s universal language. That’s the power of global trade. And DHL is making it happen.

Thomann’s had a modest beginning in 1954, when Hans Thomann Sr. sold his first trumpet from the music shop he ran from inside his parent’s farmhouse in rural Bavaria. In the 1960s, the farmhouse was transformed from a music shop into an exhibition venue dedicated to musical instruments.

Thomann – an extended family business

Thomann – an extended family business
Hans Thomann, CEO of Thomann

We're still an independent family-owned company. No managers, no business consultants, no suit and tie guys.

Hans Thomann, CEO of Thomann


In 1990, a significant change occurred: Hans Thomann Jr. took over the business with 15 employees and returned the company to its retail roots. And now? Thomann has its own e-⁠commerce distribution and logistics center employing 1,420 people who serve almost 10 million customers spanning the globe.

With 80,000 products in stock at any given time, Thomann is the world’s leading online retailer for musical instruments, as well as light and sound equipment. When the company began, it was the Thomann retail store that made the most revenue. Now, the online shop generates 92% of their annual turnover.



The Thomann company currently employs approximately 1,420 people.

250Specialized shop assistants

250 shop assistants are processing orders, enquiries and service topics in over 19 languages.

80,000Listed products

Thomann has over 80,000 products in stock which are immediately available.

Thomann’s e-commerce warehousing Packing goods for delivery Discussing e-commerce and logistics
Detlef Räppold, Account Manager DHL

We have been working with Thomann for over 20 years. We are very proud that we have played our part in Thomann becoming the world’s largest music retailer. Every day we transport up to 20,000 packages for Thomann to music lovers in over 140 countries around the world. Being environmentally friendly is very important to us: therefore, we use carbon-neutral vehicles like the StreetScooter in our deliveries.

Detlef Räppold, Account Manager DHL


Years of partnership


Countries delivered to


Shipments per day


E-⁠Bikes and E-⁠Trikes

Globally committed to zero emissions

DHL’s StreetScooter

It’s not only for Thomann that we reduce our emissions to an absolute minimum. We strive to lead the world in sustainable e-⁠commerce logistics solutions. Nothing exemplifies this better than our StreetScooter, an innovative electric van designed and built by us.

Our goals are ambitious: to become the first logistics company to reduce all logistic-related emissions to zero by 2050.

How we support Thomann in e-⁠commerce delivery

Receiving incoming goods

We receive all deliveries on the same day and inspect them to ensure they are complete and intact.

All the ways DHL supports Thomann in e-commerce logistics

E-commerce warehousing

The goods are stored professionally in Thomann-owned warehouses and thoroughly protected against damage.

DHL employee helping Thomann with e-commerce warehousing

E-commerce packaging solutions

We take care of the professional packaging of Thomann goods. Our certified cardboard boxes guarantee safe transport to customers.

E-commerce packaging box

E-commerce delivery services

We dispatch deliveries to Thomann customers securely and quickly, both nationally and internationally.

DHL delivery truck for Thomann’s e-commerce distribution

Returns management

DHL handles the return of Thomann goods with ease. We check the returns, evaluate the condition and, if possible, re-stock them immediately.

DHL employee helping manage returned goods

Receiving incoming goods

E-commerce warehousing

E-commerce packaging solutions

E-commerce delivery services

Returns management

E-commerce without borders

DHL delivery services reach far and wide

Reach the whole world with your ideas

With DHL at your side, your products will be delivered swiftly and reliably to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Benefit from our international experience and expand your business with the help of our global e-⁠commerce solutions.

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