Herders on horseback guiding their goats in the Mongolian grasslands.
Herders on horseback guiding their goats in the Mongolian grasslands.

Power Of Global Trade

The start of an e-⁠commerce business

Finest apparel delivered to customers across the world in 48 hours

Grana global trade story

E-filling the world's wardrobes

Imagine customers receiving the finest garments 48 hours after they have placed an order. For Grana customers, this is a reality thanks to Grana’s direct integration with the DHL Express’ e-⁠commerce fulfillment service. That’s the power of global trade. And DHL is making it happen.

From the moment entrepreneur Luke Grana first touched the uniquely soft and smooth Peruvian Pima cotton, everything changed. His trip to Peru to visit his brother Alex turned out to be the inspiration for Luke’s “affordable luxury” e-⁠commerce fashion business. Back home in Sydney, Luke’s new business idea began to take shape, beginning with him identifying where to headquarter his venture.

Grana – a fashion brand goes global

Grana – a fashion brand goes global
Luke Grana, founder of Grana

Grana is unique because we really obsess over the quality of fabric – Peruvian Pima cotton, Japanese denim, Mongolian cashmere, Chinese silk.

Luke Grana, founder of Grana

Grana Measure Tape

For Luke, the decision was easy. A one-way ticket later, he was in Hong Kong, the world’s largest air cargo hub – and the smart choice for those sourcing fabrics directly from suppliers. Grana’s first meeting was with DHL due to our expertise in global e-⁠commerce fulfillment and international trade support. Now as their logistics partner, we help Grana efficiently ship products from their warehouse to their worldwide customer base.

From start-up to global e-⁠commerce business in four short years, Grana is today one of the most disruptive fashion brands in the world. They have customers in over 70 countries thanks to their mission to sell high-quality garments at fair prices. And by working directly with textile mills and manufacturers for the most optimal prices, Grana is transforming the fashion industry from the ground up, making luxury fashion accessible for everyone.


Grana offers an impressive selection of women and men’s apparel.


Grana clients have been won over by their high quality at affordable prices.


Grana travels the world in search of the finest fabrics.

Grana’s warehouse for global e-commerce fulfillmentDHL’s hands-on global logistics support DHL’s international trade support for shipment
Kenneth Mou, DHL Hong Kong

From our first meeting, we believed in what Luke Grana was going to do with his e-⁠commerce business and saw great potential and a precious long-term partnership. We helped him to set up the business from a logistics point of view and to select the countries for shipping. Furthermore, we advised Grana on the shipping times, the shipping rates and supported him setting up a warehousing and distribution process.

Kenneth Mou, DHL Hong Kong


Years of partnership


Markets delivered to


DHL pickups from Grana warehouse every day

How we support Grana in logistics

DHL startup service

We assisted Grana to set up their business from a logistics point of view and to select the countries for shipping.

Setting up a startup e-commerce business

Fast and reliable global logistics support

We offer Grana with the fastest and most reliable logistics services so they can make timely deliveries to their clients.

DHL helps Grana with global logistics support

Customs services and support

We provide Grana with support for customs clearance to help them access overseas markets.

Global customs services in logistics and fulfillment for e-businesses

Warehouse solutions

We helped Grana facilitate their warehousing and distribution process.

Packages ready for warehousing

International trade support

We support Grana with our wealth of expertise in international shipping by helping them with shipping times and rates.

DHL providing international trade support

DHL startup service

Fast and reliable global logistics support

Customs services and support

Warehouse solutions

International trade support

E-⁠commerce fulfillment service

DHL employee offering comprehensive support

Serve your online buyers worldwide

We are the capable e-⁠commerce partner at your side to accompany you along the entire supply chain. With our global fulfillment network, you will be able to serve your online customers quickly and reliably, and allow your company to grow internationally.

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