DHL’s international trade solutions reach every part of the world –from Hong Kong and Germany to even Antarctica.
DHL’s international trade solutions reach every part of the world –from Hong Kong and Germany to even Antarctica.

Power of global trade

Global Trade makes the world a better place

Economies grow, ideas spread and communities thrive with global trade solutions

Global trade is the engine that drives economic growth across every continent on the planet. Growth that fuels communities in the remotest regions to invest in education, technology and healthcare. The more the world opens its borders to trade, the exchange of ideas and international trade solutions, the greater the opportunities for everyone. This is the power of global trade.

Global trade benefits

Benefits to consumers

For Consumers

Consumers benefit from a wider choice of products and services at lower prices.

Benefits to companies

For companies

Companies open up new markets and opportunities to sell and trade their products.

Global trade benefits people

For people

More and more people around the world are achieving a better quality of life.

Thomann customer playing his trumpet


The world’s universal language

Delivered to music lovers all over the world

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Gudmundur Gudjonsson on his satellite phone in Antarctica


A lifeline to the outside world

Delivered halfway around the globe in 36 hours

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Goats in Mongolia for Grana’s Mongolian cashmere


The start of a an e-⁠commerce business

Finest apparel delivered to customers across the world in 48 hours

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Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Group

The engine driving economic growth is global trade. Logistics is the fuel.

As the logistics company for the world, our continued aim is to be a global trade partner with businesses of all sizes, anywhere in the world, helping them to develop, grow and prosper. We boost trade globally, which helps developing regions invest in their economies and their people to enjoy better lives. Explore some of the many ways DHL is making the power of global trade happen.

We celebrate global trade as a force for good and are proud of our role at the heart of this story.

Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Group


Formula E

In the constant pursuit for #sustainability , Formula E's #logistical needs require just as much #innovation as the championship itself. Read our interview with Julia Pallé, Senior Sustainability Consultant for Formula E, to find out more: @FIAFormulaE

DHL – 11 Dec 2018

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Delivery season

While #ecommerce grows, CO2 emissions from last mile deliveries should not. Here's how eco-friendly #delivery solutions are helping us to create a greener #logistics industry: #ZeroEmissions2050 #DHLGoGreen

DHL – 10 Dec 2018

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E-Commerce Africa

There is a huge #opportunity for businesses who can help solve #Africa's #ecommerce #challenges - is yours one of them?

DHL – 10 Dec 2018

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Insights into global trade


The global B2C cross-border e-⁠commerce market is estimated to reach USD $1 trillion by 2020.


Over 70% of the average European country’s international activity involves other countries in Europe.


More than 900 million people around the world will be international online shoppers by 2020.

DHL Global Connectedness Index

Find out more interesting key trends and insights about the current and future state of trade globalization in the DHL Global Connectedness Index.

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DHL's iconic red and yellow plane

Disaster response commitment

DHL's Disaster Response Team

We help when disaster strikes

The logistical support our Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) provide after natural catastrophes allows relief supplies to reach people faster.

DHL Global Trade Barometer

Global trade trends that cross the entire world

Your outlook on global trade trends

Gain valuable insights with the DHL Global Trade Barometer. With this new and unique early indicator, explore the current state and future development of global trade.

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